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Bed Sheets:

Who doesn’t like a well-made bed? Sleeping on a bed unfurled with a beautiful soft bed sheet is altogether another feeling. Those who are particular about home decor would already know how much a bed sheet enhances the aesthetics of your bedroom.

At Vrieti, we offer choicest designer bed sheets ranging from solid sheets to beautiful floral prints reflective of European grandeur to paisley prints, Moroccan and Mughal prints for a traditional look to geometrical and asymmetrical prints for those looking for a more modern look; our range is vast and impressive. The bed sheets come to you in all tones – soft subtle colours to bright hues so you can find just the right piece to match your taste and décor. What makes our bed sheets even more sought after is the soft fabric that promises a smooth and delicate texture and a high thread count that ensures the highest quality. So add more comfort and warmth to your room with our exclusive collection and we promise to make your room a lively and beautiful dwelling place!

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