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AADYAM HANDWOVEN is a corporate social initiative of the Aditya Birla Group working currently with 3 weaver communities in India namely Varanasi, Pochampally & Bhuj that has its own unique signature and interpretation of the heritage that is inherent and characteristic of the region. Their vision is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem for the finest artisans of the country by supporting & selling their crafts and thus impacting their quality of life.

Aadyam Handwoven strives to preserve age-old weaving techniques that have seamlessly transcended generations of artisan families, while simultaneously promoting these techniques to true connoisseurs of heritage.


Weaving and Varanasi – Two sides of the same coin.
Steeped in centuries of tradition, Benaras Brocades are recognised throughout the globe as a sign of opulence and elegance. Through the decades, Brocade has been worn by nobility across cultures.
A Brocade fabric incorporates extra weft of different coloured silk or metallic yarns which are woven into the warp and weft to create ornate elaborate patterns, on a jaquard loom. Using techniques that are as varied as Tanchoi , brocades , Khinkhwab and Gyasar.
These weaves and skills are unique to the region of Varanasi or Benaras, situated along the banks of the river Ganges.


Colouring the desert landscapes.
The artisans of Kutch weave using vibrant threads, with each piece being a labour of love. The fabric woven without the aid of a jacquard, is an expression of heritage handed down through eleven generations. Tediously but lovingly decorated fabrics are like embroidering on the loom. The result is a raised three dimensional surface ornamentation that is highly textured and enhanced .
Weaving of a piece may take days to months, depending upon the intricacy and innovativeness of the design. The result is an understated piece of fabric that astounds with its wealth of staggeringly minute detail, when viewed up close.
The juxtaposition of dry arid desert lands and bright vibrant colors and ornamentation on fabrics seem to be a natural response to each other. The simple living and jovial nature of the inhabitants adds to the charm of travelling to this region .


Making Magic with colour and yarn play.
Ikat fabrics come from a small town called Pochampally close to Hyderabad in the southern region of India. It is a handloom hub surrounded by lush verdant green hills. Ikat is an ancient technique that creates patterns on yarn through the laborious process of resisiting segments of the yarn through tieing. These carefully calculated, tied yarns are then dyed to create patterns. The yarn may then be used in the warp or weft or both to create beautifully patterned, distinct woven textiles. A tie & dye technique thread by thread which when placed together in a mathematical precision begins to create motifs on the fabric. A sight to behold.

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