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Lanterns: Radiance of luxury around every corner

Lanterns have an old world charm of their own which is both enchanting and alluring. One look at a Victorian lantern and your mind seems to drift away in a winter wonderland!

At Vrieti we believe that lanterns are one of the most versatile home accessories with many applications both inside and outside your home. We are delighted to offer an absolutely adorable collection of lanterns that you are bound to fall in love with. Each one of those little carriers of light is a masterpiece in itself. These multipurpose lanterns can be used to deck up your balcony, sit out or portico. You can go all creative and use these lanterns as candle stands or use a bunch of them to create a romantic atmosphere in a room.
Crafted out of metal, alloys, wood, fiber and glass, our collection is unique in its own way. Whatever be your style statement, Vrieti has a lantern to complement and enhance it. Take your pick from our choicest collection and make them a part of your sweet home. As the light of a lamp gleams through the lantern, it pushes aside the darkness and welcomes positivity and joy.

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