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Glass Vases:

The aesthetic appeal of glass never seizes to entice us. At Vrieti, we go insanely creative with the colours and shapes of the glass as we bring you an exclusive range of glass vases. Crafted to perfection, these vases are a pure work of art.

Decor items made of glass have a unique feature of blending into any theme. Colorful glass can easily be the eye candy of your room. The burst of vibrant hues are so refreshing and joyful. We encourage you to try out a myriad of bright and beautiful shapes and designs of glass vases. Whatever is your style statement – contemporary, classic or futuristic, our glass articles aptly provide the much needed bling.

With various shapes, shades and sizes, our vases are the perfect addition to your home or office. You could easily team them with fresh flowers or even Vrieti’s own range of artificial flowers and when our vases hold those exquisite flowers, we assure you that your living space will be filled with positive energy.

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