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Candle Stands:

Here comes our exclusive collection of candle stands for an avid candle lover. As you light up a candle to defy darkness, we want to be that artistic hand holding up that spark so proudly!

We believe that there is a unique candle stand for every candle and both complement each other as the latter glows so mysteriously. A romantic candle light dinner or a fragrant candle spreading its perfume at a family gathering or bright sparkles ushering in Diwali or Christmas joys, our candle stands will compliment every occasion.

We experiment with all kinds of materials when it comes to our exquisite candle stands. We have candle holders made out of alloys, glass, ceramic and even a combination of these materials. Designed to perfection, our candle holders are specifically structured to hold candles of different shapes steadily and increase the aesthetic appeal of the space. Pick up stands based on a particular theme or just mix and match them to suit your style. Once you explore our candle stands collection, you are bound to feel like a kid in a candy store!

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